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Director of Bandung Techno Park attended Astratech 2023

관리자 2023.11.27 14:06

Director of Bandung Techno Park attended Astratech 2023

Astra Polytechnic (Astratech) held an international seminar with the main theme: The Role of IoT and AI in Green Solution Industry Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities. Acting as the keynote speaker was Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo from Chiba University and Prof. Tajudin from IPB. 

At the seminar, Mr Feriandi from Astra, and Chaerullah, MT from Astratech and Dr. Koredianto Usman from Bandung Technopark. Prof. Josaphat explained the latest remote sensing and IoT technology for disaster mitigation. Specifically, he presented land subsidence detection technology with case studies of several regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Cimahi and Surabaya. Prof. Tajudin conveyed various IoT innovations for green solutions.

In addition, Mr. Feriandi as an innovator at Astra conveyed various innovations in the industrial environment managed by Astra, while Chaerullah as an academic at Astratech conveyed IoT technology to detect signs of damage to industrial equipment using compressive sensing. Also in this session, Dr. Koredianto Usman as director of BTP conveyed statistics about

IoT research within Telkom University with initial research starting in 2016 with 7 research topics and there is a significant increasing trend from year to year, with the number of studies being 202. This increase is partly due to increasingly cheap sensors. IoT and the breadth of IoT application fields are grouped into 17 SDGs. In this presentation, two case studies of the application of the IEMS power monitoring system developed by the Telkom University IoT research center, and Tel-Urator were given with plans to develop an IoT system related to monitoring incinerator work and various surrounding air quality indicators. In the discussion session, there was interest in collaboration from Astratech, represented by the researcher, Mr. Harki, to work together to develop an incinerator for waste management purposes within the Astra Polytechnic environment.